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New Book Blog Launched for Funny YA

Those of you who bother to read my blog will know that I’m not exactly a 3-posts a week kind of blogger, so I have taken the obvious next step and have committed myself to write for another blog as well. Duh!

A bunch of authors have grouped together to dispel the myth that all Young Adult fiction is dark and/or depressing. Not that there’s anything wrong with dark and/or depressing novels, we’re just offering a blog that highlights books of a lighter and/or not dark and/or depressing in and/or of nature.

The website is, we launch today, all posts not written by me are guaranteed to be better than this one, there’ll be plenty of giveaways, loads of recommendations for laugh out loud books (whatever your sense of humour), you can follow us on twitter @ReadIt_andLaugh and, until it comes my turn to write one, we will be posting twice a week.

There’s obviously loads more to it than my crappy advert (including Laugh of the Week, guest posts, and ‘favourites’ lists), so for more (accurate) information you should probably just head over the site – – and meet all the other authors on board.

Go on, it’ll be fun!

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