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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Hey peoples! Follow @ReadIt_andLaugh & check out the brand new blog for funny YA. You won’t regret it (unless you do). #
  • Nominate a book for the @ReadIt_andLaugh funny list. (if it’s already nommed, leave a comment by it to cast ur vote) #
  • Twitter hasn’t updated my mentions for over 22 hrs now! Grrrr! #
  • Hey! One of my world book choices made it! (It was mostly thanks to my support, probably, right?) #
  • 2 down, 2 to go. Poor @cupcakes4clara and the baby boy have been struck with the lurgie & are banished to bed. Me & the little girl next? :( #
  • Good morning tweet-monkeys. Have finally managed to escape from the house that not-vomiting forgot. Book 4 here I come…! #amwriting #
  • Desperately need to change my dreadful smug profile pic. A photo of my toes might be better, or maybe a random stranger. Any suggestions? #
  • Anyone laughed at a book lately? Feature it on your blog with @ReadIt_andLaugh ‘s ‘Laugh of the Week’ thing #LOW #
  • Last night I dreamed I was flying whilst being hunted down by assassin boy scouts with bombs tied to helium balloons. What does this MEAN?!? #
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