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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Morning me & evening me are 2 completely different people. If morning me ever met evening me I think he’d smash his stupid head in! #sotired #
  • HELP! My wife has more followers than me! She’ll never let me live this down! Please, do all you can. Help me twitter, you are my only hope. #
  • HUGE thanks to all my new followers for helping me beat my wife! (in follower numbers, not in an ouchy frying pan way) #
  • Uh oh… The wife is onto me! I’ve been rumbled! Retreat! *shuffles feet, whistles* “what? Me?!” *shrugs* #
  • Does anyone else’s toddler speak in random accents (ny, Manc, brum, farmer) or do we just have an extra special one? #
  • Quote if the day: “Honk jonk dink donk plink plonk wonk” (my 3yr old daughter). So young, yet so wise. #funnycositstrue #
  • We’re all feeling a bit rough in our house. I’m on the honey, lemon & whiskey (thinking of dropping the honey & lemon though). #
  • Ron Rifkin #
  • Bob Balaban #
  • Will soon be joining forces with awesome authors @KimberlyRPauley and @amandaashby (+ more to come) to begin something very internexciting! #
  • Two thirds of new (non Jack) book done! Will probably sit on it for a few months when finished to see if I still… #
  • What unseasonably fine weather we are having today! Time to sit under some trees methinks… #
  • “@collegenewbie95: In the LRC writing my book review for @tomclempson ‘s book ^^” oooooh! Looking forward to reading it. Maybe. No pressure. #
  • Am now only 2,604 followers away from 3,000! Worlds longest drumroll please… #
  • #FF @KimberlyRPauley Thank you for the #FF Here, have one back … #FF (how tall/short ARE you?!) #FF #
  • Me too! RT “@amandaashby … I’m giving some #FF glittery-love to @NikiBurnham @tomclempson @MarPerez @kimberlyrpauley#
  • Starbucks refilled my £1 coffee TWICE! (they could probably hear the sound of Fledgeling Author jangling in my… #
  • 2,400 words done. Now to collect the mini people from nursery. Then an evening of prepping @cupcakes4clara ‘s grand shop relaunch next week! #
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