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Last Week’s Tweets

  • After years of coffee drinking I only just discovered this potentially life-changing, bank-saving thingy… If you… #
  • Reading through comments caught in spam filter on my blog came to the conclusion that the blog just filters all comments that make NO SENSE! #
  • Wearing the winter coat today for 1st time since, er, winter. Also been wearing the HUGE MEATY SPIDER that just crawled out of my sleeve!!! #
  • “@mrskimyadawson: This shit killed me— Scared Bros At A Haunted House” My favourite: the guy trying to leave his GF! #
  • Finished Die For Me by @iHeartRevenants Happy to say I LOVED it & am now attracted to hunky French men. Not really. I did love it though! #
  • “@Neeky78: @iHeartRevenants @tomclempson Please don’t say that is a clue about what is coming up in D4M2!!! Vincent, nooooo!!! :-)” Funny! #
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