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Last Week’s Tweets

  • My favourite quote from yesterday’s Downton Abbey:
    Man1: “Touch wood.”
    Man2: “I’m always touching it.”
    Man Me: “Eurghhhh!” #
  • RT “@Avas_Writer: @tomclempson you’re spreading your manchild ways! Looking at you, @CethanLeahy!” AND @sisterspooky (womanchild) #
  • Twelve hours sleep in 3 days… I’m tired and grumpy and someone’s going to get a lazy-eyed Grrrr! at some point today. I mean business! #
  • Here’s hoping this amazing weather sticks around for Altrincham’s Book Festival ( @denzellbookfest ) on Saturday. Should be brilliant! #
  • I wrote under 4 different trees today and forgot to take pictures of ANY of them! I can’t begin to imagine your disappointment. #
  • Where are all the rubbish ‘jokes’ about the British weather getting the seasons wrong? #
  • Here we go, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… My first tree of the day! #
  • Oops. It’s 9.41am and I just ate all my lunch. #
  • RT “@midnightreads: I have to do a #ff for author @tomclempson because he WILL send me birthday cake :)” Some people have funny brains! #
  • I wish I’d picked my socks AFTER I decided I was going to wear shorts today! #
  • A rare #FF moment @CethanLeahy @Weight_Wars @Neeky78 @midnightreads @iHeartRevenants @Rose_Hatty @sisterspooky @collegenewbie95 @CarlyleL #
  • “@Serendipity_Viv: @tomclempson You can have giant women.” You sound like a pimp for The High & Mighty Ho’s! #
  • “@iHeartRevenants: #FF @tomclempson @neeky78 @Serendipity_Viv @ZMarriott @midnightreads because they make me laugh.” but so do farts #
  • Am having a brilliant time at Denzell Book Festival with @Ellie_Irving @CurtisJobling (both in this pic!) + many more. #
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