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World of CraftWar: The Rise of the Little Ladies With Needles & Thread

Urgly burgly! It’s all been go in our house these past couple of days. Whilst I’ve been finishing some rewrites on my 2nd book (which will be the first rewrites of many), my Laura wife has been fighting for the rights to her own business!

Bla bla bla, you can read all about that headache over on her blog. The cool stuff that I want to tell you about is how the entire internet world has gotten behing her and rallied in her defense (Whooh! It’s a good job ‘defense’ doesn’t mean anything rude, like… I better not finish that sentence, because I don’t want to die).

Anyway, anyway, anyway, she had this big thing where one of her designs was being all copyright theft…ed (or infringed, I don’t know) and she wrote a blog post and tweeted about it, and before you know it her story is running on the front page of some things (can you tell I researched all the details real good?) and the entire crafting community jumped to her aid and it’s become really big and everything.

How awesome is that? She was in need of help, and even though they had nothing to gain from it, a mass of people came to fight in her corner. I LOVE this! A similar thing happened in the crafting universe a few years ago when one blogger’s little egg cosy design began to appear in a huge supermarket beginning with T and ending with ESCO. Aparrently this kind of thievery goes on a lot in the land of craftdom, but luckily there are the craft warriors all looking out for each other, and fighting the corporate bullies into submission.

So, yes, the internet can be used for bad things, like arranging riots and looting and horrible crimes and bad porn, and searching for independent designer to pilfer from, but it can also be used for good things too, like catching looters and preventing horrible crime, and nice porn, and gathering together to protect the little man (I mean the everyday person, not just Warwick Davis). Yes, people and the internet can be and are awesome.

Does this happen in other industries too? I only ever hear of it happening with crafty designer folk (the mass internet defense, not the mass corporae thievery unfortunately). I hope so. I also hope it happens in day to day life stuff too, because I have a serious bone to pick with one particular nob of a bus driver… and traffic warden… and train ticket inspector… and lady at supermarket checkout…

United we stand.




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