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Last Week’s Tweets

  • “@cupcakes4clara: New on the blog – what do you think of gender typical toys?” @GenderDiary #
  • No words can explain how much I love this mini review >> RT “@theSchmuck_: I love the book Jack Samsonite . Full of teenage shit” #
  • “@maggiecary: How to Calm an Aggressive Child:” I don’t need to read the rest. I already know the answer is sweets. #
  • “@denzellbookfest: We’re seeing our publicity popping up all over the place – even in places we haven’t put it…” I just saw it in nursery! #
  • I have found a new favourite person! “@theSchmuck_: @tomclempson Its the best book of the year!” Thank you Amir! #
  • “@CarlyleL: @tomclempson #WW keep your eyes on this one!” Thank you! (do you mean that like I’m a naughty child?) #
  • Is it just my nose or have Starbucks started pumping hippy incense into their coffee shops? Smell me the coffee! #
  • Just bumped into the organiser of @denzellbookfest in @WaterstonesAlty and she tried to hypnotise me with broccoli (1 of the above is a lie) #
  • Anyone up north who’s into YA and children’s lit should definitely check out @denzellbookfest Book Festival, Oct 1st (please RT!) #
  • “@WaterstonesAlty: Just seen local teen author @tomclempson in store…” (Psst! I’m not really a teen author! I just look younger than I am) #
  • I started secondary school 20 years ago this month (but I’m still so young!) and tomorrow I’m going to my high… #
  • At daughters gymnastics class. A mum just accidentally let her little boy fall on his face because she was too busy looking in the mirror! #
  • Had a brilliant time at my high school reunion/gig last night. AMAZING music from @shanademorrow @NaomiPhienix @lukeconcannon Ben Clempson #
  • It was extremely cool catching up with you guys yesterday @MilesWestwood @PeteSawyer1 @GeneTherapy @BroniaSawyer @wallingtron mucho funno! #
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