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Last Week’s Tweets

  • I feel very honoured to appear TWICE in @sisterspooky‘s top 10 BIRBOAB thingy list! #
  • I’m doing a signing @ Warrington Waterstones on Sat (11 – 3pm). It’d be really cool if every single person ever could come @WaterstonesWire #
  • “@welovethisbook: Best or worst book title ever? David Prowse’s autobiography… ‘Straight from the Force’s Mouth’.” Mine’s worse #
  • Interesting fact of the day: It is possible to listen to The Tigger Song 21 times during the drive from our house to nursery. Hooray! #
  • Just saw security swarm on a shoplifter in Sainsburys (trolley full of electricals)! That’s my excitement for the day! #
  • Tee hee! Someone somewhere behind me said ‘Alright love?’ to someone else, and the lady in front of me turned round and said ‘Hi!’ to me! #
  • Have you noticed? Batman, Spiderman AND Superman are all now played by British actors! Now we just need Michael Caine as Wonder Woman… #
  • Horlicks. How has it taken me 31 years to realise that sounds rude?! #
  • Book signing! Tomorrow. Waterstones. Warrington. Be there or be… Somewhere… Not there. #
  • What the he’ll is this creature?!! #
  • “@Neeky78: Lady beetle larvae” She’s right! Can’t believe I was scared of a baby ladybird/bug/beetle! @collegenewbie95 @sarahsreviews #
  • Been up since 5am and I’m doing a signing at @WaterstonesWire in two and a half hours (I promise to stay awake…ish)! #
  • Just saw this on the bathroom floor. Think I might read it! #coincidence #
  • Got home from my signing at @WaterstonesWire to find an email from someone who had bought the book today and finished it already! How nice!! #
  • I really fancy a bottle of Calpol right now. That’s probably bad, right? #
  • Daughter just saw a reindeer on Charlie & Lola “Arghh! Daddy! A wolf with horns!” #
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