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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Not sitting under a tree today (too cold and wet) but there are some outside my favourite window ever… #
  • Can you see why I thought it was pancake day yesterday? It confused my little brain! #
  • Last chance to sign the petition to save BBC4 cuts. Of all places to amputate they are choosing the brain #
  • This is what happens if mummy leaves her workout DVD playing #
  • Dear Twitter, please help with a bit of research: how much does a small portion of chips cost? #
  • I have now officially finished draft one of Jack Samsonite 2! It’s on it’s way to my agent and im feeling elated and sick! WOOHOOO! #
  • Draft 1 of Jack Samsonite 2 is done and dusted. Draft 1 of brand new project begins! #
  • Please watch Amy Plum’s video. So nice, so moving, so true.
    I heart @iHeartRevenants #itgetsbetter #
  • Thank you for the #ffs @CarlyleL @JanMetalman @Ralf_GB001 #
  • #FF my old uni bud, first year flatmate and weight watching warrior (and photographer) @Weight_Wars #
  • Newly updated Reviews page incl. @ciclovesbooks @raimy_rawr @MailOnline @GirlfriendMAG @empireofbooks @the_reader_room #
  • If you’ve written a Jack Samsonite review but don’t find it on my reviews page, please let me know and I’ll link you in #
  • World Suicide Prevention Day today. It’s 3 months too late for my brother, but it’s not too late for others. It’s… #
  • My sweet little daughter is running round the living room shouting ‘made up’ words. Unfortunately she’s stuck with her favourite – “Flange!” #
  • It’s Sunday. It’s 8.37am. And I’ve been up for over 3 hours already! *quickly tries to invent maintenance-free babies* #
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