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Last Week’s Tweets

  • We are at the brink of war. Find out why on the blog
  • Glad no one came knocking on the door this evening (I’ve been wearing pants on my head without realising!)
  • They’ve been warning rain for 3 days & all I’ve had is sunshine. Have a horrible feeling that today they may be right… #
  • And I was going to sit under this tree to write! #stupidweather #
  • I see blue sky! I’m off! (I also see a hole in the trees in the shape of a fat running chicken) #
  • All signs of rain now gone. Sun is shining. Sat under the tree with a coffee and my book (could be a memory to savour!) #
  • The sun is still shining & I am now writing under THIS tree. You’ll love it! (if you’re into pics of laptops & trees) #
  • To everyone who was enthralled by my tree tweets yesterday, this is my writing-under-a-tree view this morning! Excited? #
  • Only 4 months till Christmas! #
  • Ooh-la-la! I got a lovely mention in lovely @Keris‘s lovely (and really rather funny) blog post! #
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