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Last Week’s Tweets

  • As a child, what was worse – getting told off by a grandparent or by a friends mum or dad? #
  • “@GaspItsChami: @tomclempson Yes, even worse when you friend agree’s with her own mum.” forgot about that! So true @imaaronvincent @Kate_GT #
  • Very cool, but bad. The guys in my local Costa saw me coming and had my coffee ready and waiting when I arrived! #
  • Good luck exam result folk! Don’t worry if you flop. They’re not as important as they seem right now (& I got an N for Theatre Studies. N!!) #
  • I’m penniless, weetabixless, and a bit ill, but feeling surprisingly upbeat and very positive. Nothing in the world a smile can’t fix… 
  • Please give my local Waterstones a warm Twitter welcome (they’re very nice)! @WaterstonesAlty #
  • #FF & THANK-U to all these spanky wondernuts @Serendipity_Viv @Neeky78 @JanMetalman @CethanLeahy @WeFancyBooks @iHeartRevenants @andrea01563 #
  • Quote of the day: “Mummy, Daddy was playing with my Barbie!” 3yr old (temporarily not my) daughter. #
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