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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Terrorists are suddenly feeling redundant in UK #stupidtwattingrioters Talk about shitting on your on front doorstep! #
  • “@katie_khan: Seriously. Watch this video. #LondonRiots #Woolwich” The Real Planet of the Apes. Frightening. #
  • The news keeps calling them ‘rioters’ and even ‘protesters’. I wish they’d just call them what they are – ‘TWATS’! #
  • RT “@midnightreads: Check out what I got In My Mailbox featuring @Jkagawa @tomclempson and more
  • The old man sat opposite me in coffee shop has bought 2 bottles of water & fallen asleep. This amuses and confuses me but I don’t know why! #
  • Recognise any Manc looters? “@gmpolice: Can you help identify any of these people involved in disorder last night?
  • Today I have spoken to 6 whole people & 2 half people (but only one of them had a bread roll on their head) #
  • Heehee! Just watched a guy get caught out and confused by one of those ladies who do that ‘kiss the air either side of your face’ thing. #
  • It’s raining it’s pouring
    The old man is snoring
    He went to bed
    with a cow on his head
    And couldn’t get up in the morning #
  • Trying to organise the structure of Jack Samsonite 2. I think I’ve fried my brain! #
  • He may be returning to the metal scene, but he will now always be that guy from The Gilmore Girls #
  • My local coffee shop, The Cake Gallery in Bowdon, is awesome! (They just noticed that I was writing, so turned radio 1 off!) #
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