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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Sunshine! Two days in a row! (feeling very grateful to not be doing 14hr shifts in a windowless kitchen anymore) #
  • Read @sisterspooky‘s embarrassing story and see if you can spot any other fellow tweeters in my 2-parts Confessions blog #
  • The shorts are out again! (as are my lady ankles). Looking forward to a full day of writing in the sun. #
  • Best thing about unplanned writing is when you surprise yourself with what happens next (unexpectedly just wrote 5 pages about poo) #hibrow #
  • New Jack Samsonite review! (check out that heading!) #fb #
  • New Jack Samsonite review! (check out that heading!) #
  • I’ve been wearing the same socks 2 days in a row. And I slept in them too! Does that make me a rebel? #
  • Author update: ALL of my T-shirts have acquired that damp dog smell and no matter how many times I wash them it… #
  • I really should have checked the forecast before leaving the house in shorts & T-shirt (or at least looked out of the window!) #chillyidiot #
  • Only 8 days until my first ever book shop signing event (Deansgate Waterstone’s, Manchester)! @wsdeansgate #
  • Collected M from nursery to go to Eye Hosp. Stopped to turn round at end of road. M: that’s not eye hospital! That’s a house! Silly daddy! #
  • Almost pood! “@alice_murphy: Autocorrect stuff is usually really unfunny but this actually made me cry with laughter…
  • School holidays used to be a to
    a time of awe and excitement. Now they just mean – people. Everywhere. All the time! #
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