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Last Week’s Tweets

  • This was a toilet I did a wee wee in. I took a photo of it because it was gross. Limescale? Cement? Something wrong? #
  • Why can’t it be like this every day?! #notascroteinsight #
  • I Swore at Small Children (WARNING – contains swear words. Please do not read if you are a small child!) #
  • Hey, I AM still young! I was a teenager just 12 years ago and I’m 36 years away from being a pensioner! #
  • Loooooook… I’m reviewed in a National paper today! Daily Mail p52 and online And they don’t even hate it! @MailOnline #
  • Tell me your embarrassing stories here to feature in my ‘Confessions’ blog post (go on, make me squirm!) #
  • My first ever Review in a National paper (Daily Mail) #
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