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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Hello again Twitter! You rock! I’ve been absent for a few days but so nice to return to and catch up on your latest OSMUWings. Yeehaa!!! #
  • Just heard that One Seriously Messed Up Week is being made into a BBC Radio 4 afternoon play, starring Judi Dench as Jack! #possiblyalie #
  • I never fail to blush when middle aged English teachers tell me they’re reading my book #toomanynaughtywords #
  • Look! Look! Look! @cheshirelife have dedicated half a page of their magazine to me and Jack! #
  • I don’t really like cheese. #
  • I do actually quite like cheese, banana and marmite sandwiches though #goodbadsandwiches #
  • Piccalilli and chocolate spread also make an interesting combo #goodbadsandwiches #
  • Dear @hannahmcmoon @midnightreads & @BookAngel_Emma Thank you very much for the #FF s! I liked them a lot (even though they tasted of phone) #
  • MC: “why are you weeing in the toilet, Daddy?”
    TC: “because that’s where we wee!”
    MC: “I also wee in my nickers, and in my bed too!” #
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