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I Think I Love You… Australia!

I’m sure I shall be gushing my love for many other things/people/places in the weeks/months/years to come, so there’s a chance this ‘I Think I Love You…’ thing could turn into a feature. If it does, then Australia is the first of many, and for so many reasons…

1. It provided six of the best months of my life

2. It is home to Norm (I never actually met him, due to him being asleep, but he works at Coles Supermarket and he provided us with hours of entertainment. Seriously!)

3. It produced the first printed on real paper magazine review of my book (and gave it 5 stars!)

courtesy of

4. It is home to Norma (not her real name, but I like to think that, despite being hundreds of miles apart, she and Norm somehow met up and are now living a life of beautiful co-sleeping).

5. Its big book shop, Dymocks, is stocking my book, faceout, and even better than that, people keep sending me pictures of it (unfortunately I can’t find them all, though)!

pictures courtesy of and New Girl

And last but not least (I just couldn’t add it to the list because a: I’m going to ramble on and on about this one, which would just unbalance the whole one-line-list thing, and b: I can’t bring myslef to make a list of 6 instead of a nicely rounded 5!) one of Australia’s finest creations… Orange Power Air Freshener!

You know how you have certain smells that trigger specific times of your life? Coconut scented sunblock = holiday to France 1998; pine tree with a mild scent of urine = christmas 2004; hairspray and singed eyebrows = winter 1999 when I tried to light the log fire when we’d ran out of firelighters. Well, when we travelled down the East Coast of Aus, almost every single hostel had Orange Power in their toilets, and if they didn’t, we carried our own bottle everywhere we went (being the last in the hostel bathroom on a Saturday morning = not good. Being last in the hostel bathroom on a Saturday morning with a bottle of Orange Power = *sniff* Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!). It doesn’t always cover up the smell of poo, but it sure makes it smell orangey! Orange poo = the smell (for me) of Australia (In a nice way).

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