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Last Week’s Tweets

  • 5 items of Jack Samsonite treasure have now been planted! 7 left. Wish me luck! #
  • Jack Samsonite treasure deposited in 3 locations so far… 3 more to go! @AtomBooks #
  • Look what I came across on my Seriously Messed Up Treasure Hunt adventure! #
  • Ooh and this too! #
  • Keep your eyes peeled. There may be some treasury goodness being revealed soon!!! #
  • Dont try this at home! (it took years of special training) #
  • Thank you @empireofbooks !!! That review was amazing! I’m quite touched! #
  • Dear @Waterstones & @wsdeansgate if you noticed some idiot leaping around your shops yesterday, this is why… (sorry!) #
  • There seems to be a lot of dead birds around for this time of year. Or is it just me? I’ve seen 7 in 3 days!! #
  • Thanks also to @wswilmslow & @wstrafford (&Altrincham, Arndale &Knutsford) for tolerating me doing this: #
  • Everyone just ASSUMES that my 10 month old son is talking gobbledygook, but I have a sneaking suspicion he may be talking fluent Cantonese #
  • Jack Samsonite calls all northern treasure hunters (in the style of my daughter) – ‘COME & FIND ME! IM UNDER THE TABLE!’ #
  • I must look younger than I feel today – a schoolgirl just asked for my number! (why didn’t that ever happen when I was young & single?) #
  • Visit the blog to see how you could win stuff Wonka style! #
  • Was so busy thanking @Waterstones for taking part in my treasure hunt I forgot to thank @Fereto36 for filming the whole thing for me! #
  • Trying to work, but spending most of my energy on not falling asleep. SOOOO TIRED!!! #
  • RT “@sisterspooky: @tomclempson LMAO! I just watched your video hiding treasures in Waterstones. BEST THING EVER!” T.U! #
  • My little baby boy started saying his first word on fathers day! Guess what it was… #
  • V good guesses from @CethanLeahy & @hannahmcmoon but @GaspItsChami got it right (no, not ‘nob’!) he started saying ‘Daddy’ on fathers day! #
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