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Last Week’s Tweets

  • “College boys, proper bristly stubble, and guys with their own wheels are all things that no 15yr-old can ever compete with.” #JackSamsonite #
  • “Beating up people’s little brothers must be one of the most common instigators of warfare. Whoever said that… #
  • Thank you @Jo_Stapley for your review! #
  • I’ve been having amazing dreams lately! At the bottom of my dream-screen is a blank page and I control my dream by writing it on the paper! #
  • Tomorrow I will officially be published! (So, do people have to call me Sir Tom or something? It’s either ‘Sir’ or ‘Bot’ I can’t remember). #
  • New Reviews and Interview for OSMUW on my blog (can’t link to @Serendipity_Viv interview yet. Will do that later) #
  • Off to find a randomiser and will then disclose the winner of my #JackSamsonite giveaway… #
  • Back to work. #
  • I just got personally tweeted by the 100% genuine @KirstieMAllsopp ! How’s that for a book-publication-eve gift?! #
  • “If I was going to have any chance with Eleanor then I’d be much better off if I didn’t look like I was growing a… #
  • This is my 1111th tweet! (little things please me) #
  • It’s my book birthday! I’m going on a book hunt! I found it here… #
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