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I Survived!

I have been published for nearly an entire week now and, despite my fears, I didnt get blown up, decapetated or run down by a twat in a van. This is very good news. Getting published seemed so too good to be true that I genuinely expected something tragic to happen to me to prevent me from ever seeing it through. I’m not joking!

A few days before publication I was driving to a Twitter friend’s bookshop a few miles away and the second I got onto the motorway I suddenly panicked and could not comprehend why I would possibly choose to drive at 70mph alongside other idiots driving that and faster! Then, on publication day I went into Manchester to do my Big Book Birthday Book Hunt (as blogged here last week) and every time I walked past someone mildly dodgy-looking I avoided eye contact, stared at the ground and envisaged the headline – Local Author and Father of Two Ripped to Pieces by Two Weird Looking Guys Who Were Talking at an Uncomfortably Loud Volume in Public, on the Publication Day of His Debut Novel. (Yeah, not only did I expect to die, but my death was going to be covered by the shittest headline-writer of all time!)

As you have probably guessed, I am still alive, and I am eternally grateful for that. And what have I done with this extra 7 days of existence gifted to me? I have made a fool of myself on YouTube for everyone to see. Twice. And all in the name of Shameless Self-Promotion (though I still fail to see how convincing everyone that I’m a bumbling buffoon/complete dick is going to help the sales of my book).

Anyway, for those of you who didn’t get to laugh at my expense, or struggle to understand what the hell I’m mumbling about, or learn to hate my stupid face, here are those two beautiful videos…

The first, with its unfortunately grotesque reference image, was an interview I did for Atom, my publishers (the wildlife is all real and, although I don’t manage to capture it expertly on camera, all definitely there).


The second is me reading a couple of pages from the book (also for Atom).



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