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Book Birthday Recap

Today is June 2nd, which means I am now an Author! It feels very nice indeed to have achieved a goal that I thought I might never get anywhere near. Yet at the same time, despite what I had come to believe about authors having amazing super-powers, super-brains and super-everything, I surprisingly don’t feel very different. Happy but the same, which, when I come to think about it, is exactly as it should be. It’d be just my luck to finally break into the career of my dreams only to find that it turned me into a super-twat, which in turn would make me not happy!

So, whilst happy (and only a semi-twat) I revelled in my booky-birthdayness and went on a hunt for Jack Samsonite in the Manchester area. This is what I found…

He was in the bedroom!

He was in the bookshops!

He was on a lady’s bottom!

He was at the bus stop!

And then, when I’d finally had enough of finding Jack and stopped to do a bit of writing, he was in the coffee shop too!

* Absolutely none of these images were staged in any way whatsoever. At all. In the slightest… Maybe.

BIG thanks to everyone for all my book birthday best wishes! You welcomed me into your big twitter hearts, where it’s warm and cozy, and I’d quite like to stay.

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