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Bad Reviews

I have been waiting for the bad reviews to come in for weeks now. I expected them to come earlier. I was actually looking forward to them (yet also secretly expecting to be hurt by them). And last week I got to read my first one. In fact I got to read TWO! (They may not have been the first ones written, they were just the first ones I’ve read). And my honest response was…

I loved them!

They were blunt and they were honest and they were to the point.

The reviews are from two of the’Atomics’ – an amazing online forum, organised by Atom (my publishers), which gives teens (the target readership) the opportunity to be the reviewers. Not only is this a great idea, but where else do you get to read reviews that begin as straight forward as…

“I didn’t enjoy this book all that much”


“From the very first paragraph of reading the book I became immediately offended by the foul language of the author”

Not only did these reviews bring a smile to my lips, but they also raised some very valid points: a) My book does ramble on and on, mostly about a load of bollocks, and b) It defintely does contain some naughty rude words!

One Seriously Messed-Up Week is definitely not going to please everyone (I’m amazed it has pleased as many as it has!), which can only be a good thing. I can’t think of anything more bland than to be universally popular. It would mean I had created a literary version of Magnolia paint, vanilla ice cream, or a short back and sides.

Thank you Atomics!

All of the Atomics reviews (including the negative ones) can be found here. And if you are, or know of, a book fanatic aged 12 to 18 you can enter here for the chance to receive free books and have your reviews posted online.

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