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Signed Book Giveaway

I have to start this post by saying a massive ‘Thank You!’ to all the lovely people who have very generously given in response to my last post (How to be a Genuine Superhero). It is only fair that I now give something back (although not quite so super-heroicly).
I have, just minutes ago, given away my first ever signed copy of ‘One Seriously Messed-Up Week…’ (actually, I havent signed it yet – need to quickly learn how not to have 8yr old handwriting) and with 3 weeks remaining before publication day, that means 3 more signed book to give away!
The first of those three chances is now up on my  Facebook page.
The next giveaway will be on my blog.
The final giveaway will be on Twitter.
(more info on these at the time)
Good luck!
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