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Last Week’s Tweets

  • ‘One Seriously Messed-Up Week In The Otherwise Mundane And Uneventful Life of Jack Samsonite’ – will be published 1 month today! #
  • Did my 1st proper training run for the Great Manchester 10k Run last night. Did 3k. Knee seized up after 2k. In a word… Reallynotgood! #
  • “The ones who don’t show it all off have a lot more appeal than the ones who paint it orange and flaunt it for the builders” #JackSamsonite #
  • Goodreads just recommended @iHeartRevenants Die For Me, to me! I guess I better order it! #
  • Only 4 weeks until One Seriously Messed-Up Week is published! To celebrate I’m giving away 1 signed copy each… #
  • Hello and thanks to all my new followers! #
  • Important! Whenever you burn 236 calories on a 20 min jog, you must always restore your energy by eating 500 calories of choc after! Right? #
  • Important! I must remember I am a very manly man and must try to stop discussing things like calories & chocolate in public. Ooh! Glee’s on! #
  • May the 5th be with you! Oh… Hang on… Frick! I missed it! Next year. It’s gonna be so clever you won’t believe it! Only 364 days to go! #
  • “My mouth dried up, my pits did the opposite. She has this thing called ‘hotness’ and I appear to be severely allergic.” #JackSamsonite #
  • Note to old man in M&S men’s room: if you don’t lock the door, & someone walks in on you, mid poo, saying ‘occupied’ is too little too late! #
  • Got so engrossed with writing that I forgot about the parking limit! Got back to my car nearly 2 hrs after the ticket expired. 1st ever fine #
  • Still waiting for Orange to remove Safeguard from my mobile broadband. According to them the @AtomBooks blog isn’t suitable for under 18s?! #
  • “Eleanor is destined to be with me and I’m not going to let a stupid little thing like fate get in the way of that” #JackSamsonite #
  • Some brand new (for me) & interesting #FF s @lalalen @MilesWestwood @MackandSaund @minnielovesit @CethanLeahy @Avas_Writer @OzAlleyCat #
  • Fantastic! Thank you @mattlibrarian , that’s very nice to hear! Glad you’re enjoying it. @atombooks #
  • Hello, thank you and welcome to my new followers. Plus a BIG thanks to everyone entering my giveaway (which closes Wed 11th). Keep it up! #
  • Thought I’d avoid the pricey drinks in Costa, so bought an innocent smoothie… £2.30! £2.30!!!!!!!! #
  • Done writing for the day (2000 words). Now must drive home, do a 2 mile jog, shower, eat, collect girl child from nursery & all in 1 hour! #
  • On my way to see Hugh Laurie in concert! @cupcakes4clara has threatened to faint. #
  • For the first time in YEARS I am the only one in the house that isn’t tired! #
  • “Dear God, please could you fix it for me to have the ground do that opening up & swallowing thing I’ve heard so much about” #JackSamsonite #
  • Went for a 20 min jog that turned into a 30 min jog when I got lost HALF A MILE FROM MY HOUSE! #
  • “If I, Futureboy, cannot control my own destiny, then I am just going to have to mess around with other people’s” #JackSamsonite #
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