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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Only 38 days until I’m published! Until then you can check out some new reviews on the blog #
  • Could you inspire a character for a new book? Please? Visit the blog! #
  • Oooh! One Seriously Messed-Up Week is now available as an e-book (is it just me or have prices come down?) #
  • silly facebook. Don’t know why it posted that last update SIX TIMES! #
  • My writing venue for the day (beats cafe Nero hands down!)… #
  • Okay, on the iPhone, the 4 bars are your wifi, 3G means you’re on 3G, the little circle means 2G(?), but what the hell is the big ‘E’?!!! #
  • If it makes you feel any better, look, I’m in the shade now and it’s almost chilly! #
  • And now I have hayfever. I like Christmas time! #
  • I don’t want to sound like I’m not grateful for my beautiful children, but… 5.50 on a Bank Holiday is TOO FRICKIN’ EARLY!!! #
  • I’m guessing no one else is watching The Gruffallo right now then? #
  • FF# tweeties @iHeartRevenants @midnightreads @sisterspooky @catrad @PewterWolf13 @FictionThirst @thatcovergirl @stephanellaw @WondrousReads #
  • Does anyone else think that Robert Pattinson looks a TEENSY bit like @stephenfry when he was younger? Or am I being silly? #
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