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Last Week’s Tweets

  • “I’m not a peeping pervert. I’m a very nice boy. I’m not a peeping pervert. I’m a very nice boy.” Jack Samsonite #
  • Round up of last weeks tweets now on the blog #
  • “It seems I am brave enough to come to school and face the prospect of getting totally messed-up by a strange… #
  • Happy Birthday @Keris! 40? Why pick 40? Strange age to choose! Next year I think I’ll try 17. Have a goodun! #
  • Have you read @FictionThirst being interviewed on this blog? we likes him @realjohngreen @CarolineLawrenc @johncleaver #
  • My book is already in some shops! And someone ( @sisterspooky ) has already bought it!!! (*toe, thumb & earlobe explode all at same time!*) #
  • If anyone spots my book in a shop PLEASE can you take a pic for me? I’m a my-book-sighting-virgin and it’s making my nipples itch! #
  • “David Cameron! Winston Churchill! Margaret Thatcher!
    My two favourite girls ever were making a Jack sandwich and… #
  • Just been to see @WondrousReads in her bookshop (she’s very nice!) and I saw my book on a real shelf in a real shop! #
  • Had 1hr put aside to work on book. Spent the entire time on twitter! Damn. Damn. Damn. #
  • Forgot to say – I saw a guy get hit by a car today! (Or a car get hit by a guy) ran across 3 lanes of traffic, flipped right over, then… #
  • …he got up and ran away! I mean he PROPERLY got tossed through the air, like a rag doll! #
  • “Of course there was one thing about Rich Hiccupping Bitch that I had not taken into full consideration – she was a bitch.” #JackSamsonite #
  • Is it evil that, now I’m a parent, long weekends don’t have the appeal they used to? #
  • “You dropped your flooglewotsit in Benny McTittypant’s codswallop” #JackSamsonite #
  • 5 days until #JackSamsonite official pub date (though it’s already online and in some shops!) RT to enter my signed giveaway + extras #
  • Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. – P. J. O’Rourke #
  • “I would like to be able to tell you that she was checking out my legendary fake package, but I fear that what she… #
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