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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Ooh! Ooh! I have 199 followers! Who will be number 200…? #
  • Check out my shelves on Goodreads:…..r_id=96950 #
  • On page 2 of 18 of I Want My Potty, by Tony Ross #
  • “Here’s a handy tip for anyone trapped in a lighting box and needing to make their head bleed – CD cases really… #
  • I got up two hours ago. Why do I feel like a fraud if I tweet ‘Good morning’ now? It’s still morning! #
  • Good morning! #
  • “Privacy is important when doing a wee. If someone is stood next to me at the urinals then I cannot piss, I don’t… #
  • Head along to @midnightreads blog to read the Playlist for ‘One Seriously Messed-Up Week…’ #
  • Why is Twitter not showing me my Mentions?! #Ithoughtnobodylovedme #
  • Onion bagels. What are they all about? #
  • “Then in walks Zack, wilfully breaking all the rules of men’s-room-etiquette. Not only does he start TALKING to… #
  • I lost 4lbs in one week with the ‘Run, Run, Then Run Some More Until You Think You’re Going To Die’ plan! #
  • Not quite as much as I lost with the ‘Vom, Squit, Then Vom Some More Until You Almost Implode’ plan, two years ago. #
  • I’m hoping the ‘Slob Out and Eat Crap’ plan will garner the best results though (fingers crossed!) #
  • I’m thinking of marketing my own miracle weight-loss program. I’ll call it ‘Eat Healthy & Excercise More You Idiot!’ #
  • “She spotted the rubbish on the floor, bent down to pick it up and…. GO GO GO! SWARM SWARM! ALL EYES ON THE… #
  • Today I spent too much time driving, and now my bottom cheeks hurt (thought you might like to know). #
  • OK I am now officially excited. Am also beginning to secretly check my local waterstones in case they decided to stock OSMUW early… #
  • (in the pretence of looking at other books, obviously). #
  • Free Jack Samsonite bookmarks and a signed book giveaway over at the blog #
  • “Oh dear God. If there’s one thing that won’t help this situation it would be poking Julie in the hip with my… #
  • What’s this about the world ending today? Why did no one tell me?! I paid for the car park and everything! I feel like such a fool. #
  • I can’t remember how long the tram takes to get to Manchester, but my connecting train leaves in 30 mins and I’m beginning to STRESS OUT! #
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