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Is It Just Me…? Part 2

This week, in my quest for help with research and inspiration for new characters in my books, I’m going in completely the opposite direction to my last ‘Is It Just Me…?’ post, and, instead of asking about rage, I am now researching the horrible affliction of ‘stupid, annoying, over-the-top happiness’.

Is It Just Me… or does anyone else suffer from inexplicable bouts of the above illness? Sometimes, usually when no one else is around, I find myself acting stranger than normal. A mild attack can merely consist of singing loudly in the shower, but this can rapidly progress to Muppet-voiced conversations with the dirty crockery that I am washing, or can even result in symptoms as cronic as fashioning my hair in a fancy way, whilst rapping in the style of a soprano (the high-pitched lady-singers, not the gravel-voiced TV gangsters) and dancing like a rhythmically challenged hippo with springs on its feet.

The strange thing is, this illness is in fact an important slice of my personality. It’s part of who I am, and I actually like it! Yet, weirdly, I would never show this side of myself to ANYONE outside of my immediate family (and sometimes not even them) and I would especially not admit to it on a Blog post. I’m not sure if it’s a confidence thing, if it’s just because this part of me only comes out to play when I’m alone, or if it’s because I’m aware this is about as annoying as a human being can possibly get, but it is definitely a behind-closed-doors thing.

So, the queston is – does anyone else have a part of their personality that they enjoy, something that you feel is a vital part of who you are, but never let anyone see? A stupid,fun, secret you?

Or is it justy me?

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