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And The Winner Is…

The Big Blog Giveaway has now closed and a winner has been randomly selected. Thank you to everyone who entered! If it is not your name written below I am sorry (I secretly hoped it would be you!) but do not despair because there is still ONE more week of giveaways to celebrate the last week before the official publication of the book.

This final week of giveaways will be done on Twitter (so if you’re not a tweeter you better start now!). I’d like to do something a bit more imaginative and less needy than just asking you to Retweet my special #JackSamsonite tweets. But unfortunatley my imagination has run dry for the day. So unless anyone else has a better idea, I guess we’ll just stick with that!

Also, as this is the last giveaway, I’ll do my best to think of something extra to throw in along with the signed book and bookmark – probably just something I’ll find laying about the house – a discarded tissue, or a cornflake, maybe even some fluff that has broken free from between my toes. (The excitement builds!)

Okay, so the winner is… I always feel really bad for those that didn’t win. I’d like to give everyone a prize, but I suppose I have to leave someone to buy the book. I feel even worse that the internet randomiser picked another Aussie! (not because I don’t like them, I love them. They just cost a lot more in postage. And this is the 2nd one in a row!). But she does seem super lovely, and her blog is full of gorgeous inspiration and niceness, so I’m extremely happy to say that this weeks winner is…

‘Secret Admirer’!

(She’s not actually MY secret admirer, it’s just her screen name, which is a bit disappointing).

Congratulations Secret Admirer! I’ll get your winnings to you ASAP!

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