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Threes and Firsts

The past few weeks has been all threes and firsts. I saw my first 3 reviews of my book, I did my first 3 interviews in 1 weekend, and I tried Rolo ice lollies for the first time (and ate 3 in 1 day)! Which is all really exciting… and kind of scary (apart from the Rolo Ice lollies. They were neither exciting nor scary, just kind of chilly, and, since I’ve got a really bad cold, I couldn’t even taste them! Which was  bit of a waste of my calorie allowance).

First of all I would like to thank the 3 bloggers who contacted me for interviews via twitter (@serendipidy101 @fictionthirst and @midnightreads).  I never thought I would actually enjoy interviews, because I hate the thought of talking about myself. But it turns out I really like it! Not because I’m talking about myself, but because it helps me to be a better writer.

In all honesty I have really been struggling to write my 2nd book. I enjoyed writing my first book SO much, and it came so easily, that now I can’t help but compare my 2nd book to that one! I know I shouldn’t, and I know it’s counter productive, but I just can’t help it! However, I think I found a cure… Answering the questions for those interviews encouraged me to discuss and disect my work, which made me remember exactly how I like to write and why. On my first ‘post-interviews’ day back at work the writing couldn’t have gone better. So, thank you guys!

The reviews are a totally different matter. When I was writing One Seriously Messed-Up Week, I was certain that what I was writing did not have a very broad appeal. So you can imagine my surprise when I got a publishing deal! Even then I knew that what I had written would probably not sit well with some readers, so I prepared myself for some harsh reviews. Which is fine. It was never my intention to please all of the people all of the time. To even consider attempting such a task conjurs an image of frighteningly epic storytelling blandness. 

Don’t get me wrong! If 100% of my readers loved the book I wouldn’t exactly be disappointed! But I’m totally ready to split opinions. So, you can imagine my reaction when my first 3 online reviews came up with 9 out of 10, 4 of 5 stars, 5 of 5 stars! I’m completely gobsmacked! I expected at least one in three to hate it! (Again, not complaining). A big thank you to these guys too, for taking the time to read and review.

Just like Jack Samsonite, I fully expect bad to follow good, and vice versa. So now I’m preparing myself for the next few weeks of reviews. I’m expecting that week to be themed around Threes and Twos - 3 reviews and big number twos (just because I’m expecting bad ones doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy reading them!). I’m crapping myself!

But it’s not just me under review lately. I was really pleased to discover that my book has Cover Love! This is thanks to the cover design by Tom Sanderson, and the love is from thatcovergirl.

Most other Cover Love articles I’ve seen lately are for beautiful covers featuring captivating images of floaty hair or swishy water or naked ladie’s backs (or all 3). One Seriously Messed-Up Week has none of these things! So I was kind of surprised that my (Tom Sanderson’s) cover got such a high (and deserving, if I do say so myself) appraisal. It’s nice to see the people behind the scenes (other than the guy who has his name plastered across the cover) getting some recognition. I won’t even start on how amazing my publishers (Atom) have been!

So, basically, this post is here to introduce my two new pages – Interviews & Reviews (you’ll find them on the top menu bar in future), and as one big thank you, to everyone who deserves it!

Expect my next post to be one big death threat, (depending on the reviews)!

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