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Last Week’s Tweets

  • LatestAusNews sounds even more intriguing when you accidentally read it with an ‘n’ in the middle. #
  • Listening to Muse – NewBorn makes me want to drive fast (I don’t). It also makes me want to sing like a rock star (I don’t do that either). #
  • I, for one, am a big fan of the indoor smoking ban… Until the weather is as amazing as this, and you actually want to sit outside! *cough* #
  • Sat outside, baking in the sun, sipping iced coffee, writing my book. Could it get any better?! #
  • Ever wonder what a Mintaminge is? Well, according to the person in this pic, I have photographed a REAL one! #
  • My new favourite bedtime drink: 2 tspn Horlicks, 1tspn banana nesquick, 1 tspn cocoa, hot milk & splash of rum. Yum! I call it Rumbanoclicks #
  • Overheard obese lady in coffee shop today – “why walk fast?! You’re gonna walk for the rest of your life anyway!” #philosophidiot #
  • Overheard another genius: “I PACIFICLY asked for green! What does she give me? Greeny blue. Stupid woman.” Yup! #
  • I haven’t been tweeting much lately (too sunny to use thumbs) but I am here, watching, admiring, stalking you all from afar. #
  • Today I ate an entire bag of mini eggs for 2nd breakfast, then a malteaser bunny for 3rd. This evening I might go for a jog. #
  • Hackers PHONED me up in an attempt at conning me into giving them remote access to my computer! I hope they all get very bad colds and stuff #
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