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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Tried to go to pub to write, whilst daughter is at tumble tots, but it’s closed cos stupid Shameless is filming there! Now sat in grave yard #
  • Now it’s raining! #
  • Home now! Have a 20 min window of freedom to write (1st time in 3 days!), got to where I left off – ‘Jack, can I ask you a question?’ and… #
  • I can’t remember what the question was!!! #
  • The Monday morning round-up of last weeks tweets is now on the blog (is probably shorter than usual!) #
  • Got my 1st ever parking ticket last week. This week I got it withdrawn! WOOHOO!!! #
  • New blog post, rambling on about reviews, interviews and general stuff at enticing no?! #
  • Just found out that Seasick Steve & Iron and Wine are also at @LatitudeFest ! Hope I get to see them! #fb #
  • Just found out that Seasick Steve & Iron and Wine are also at @LatitudeFest ! Hope I get to see them! #
  • Forgot to mention – new post, pages and links over at the blog! #
  • I WISH someone would tell Mr Stinky McDirtbag that a swimming pool doesn’t actually count as bathing, and yes, he still stinks of BO! #
  • If only cattle prods were safe to use in the water. #
  • Weird dreams last night! I was tweeting the progress of my dreams as they were happening (‘just escaped three headed dog!’ etc)! #
  • WOOHOO! Doc says I’m allowed coffee again (weak, not often, never on an empty stomach)! #
  • I can’t believe I have had permission to consume caffeine, but haven’t had ANY ALL DAY! 7 weeks now! #
  • I’m not working slowly. Everything else is just going faster. #
  • NOT a good morning! Cold, wet, noisy old guy is at next table (again!), and it has taken laptop 4 mins to type ‘n’! #
  • Might just skip coffee and go straight to whisky. #
  • Oh no! What did I just do to deserve such a huge influx of spam?! Oh well, luggage & sunglasses spam is better than what I get in my emails! #
  • It was the word Samso***e! Is that going to happen every time I mention my book?! I’m doomed. #
  • Ha! The spam with an old lady profile pic had 18 followers. The one with young lady pic had 150! Follow that spam! Idiots. #
  • My wifi printer just decoded to spew out a bunch of pages that I asked it to print A WEEK AGO! Scared the crap out of me!!! #
  • Feeling… very… sleepy… Might just go and have my first coffee since Feb 16th! #
  • I don’t mind working in a busy coffee shop, but seriously, I just counted them – 42 school girls! I’m the only here not in a training bra! #
  • Officially back on caffeine! A medium one shot skinny latte increased my productivity by 45% yesterday! Coffee is my friend. Mmmmmm… #
  • I always used to wonder, why, in deodorant ads, do guys always spray across their chests! I now know the answer. Baby sick! Goes everywhere! #
  • Awesomely intriguing headline from local paper! RT >“@MessengerNews_ Trees moved after vandalism by cars driving into them” #
  • I’m an idiot! Sat here wondering why I’m so hungry for lunch already, then remembered, I haven’t had breakfast! Silly boy. #
  • Oh by the way, thanks a bunch @LizUK ! I’ve had that Ricky Martin song stuck in my head for days now! (not good when it escapes in public!) #
  • My birth-town waterstones. Bless em! RT“@WaterBanbury: 99 followers! Who’s going to be our 100th? #nearlyacentury
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