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Last Week’s Tweets

  • In case you missed them when they were playing live, my tweets from last week are now at #
  • Good morning Twitter! All work and no play makes Tom tweet less. Must try not to work so hard. #
  • Did THREE interviews in one day yesterday! Thank you @serendipidy101 @FictionThirst and @midnightreads ! #
  • WOOHOO! Only 1,920 away from having 2000 followers! #
  • hello back @davidmaybury Very glad to hear Jack Samsonite is your hero! #
  • I HAVE AN INTERVIEW AND A REVIEW UP ALL AT ONCE! Pop over to the blog of the amazing @midnightreads to check it out #
  • 6 weeks today since my last coffee, and I STILL WANT ONE!!! #
  • TC: ‘Matilda, why are you crying so much?’
    MC: ‘Because my eyes are wet’ #
  • I have made a new rule for myself – no Internet until I’ve written 4 pages, and then only for 15 minutes. Can’t see it working though… #
  • John le Carrè has asked to be removed from the Man Booker shortlist. Worked for me! #
  • Right. 10 o’clock. See you in 4 pages! #
  • Five pages done! And not a single tweet, email, or facebooking! I am a very good boy. #
  • Happy Bookday @WillHillauthor ! Have heard too many great things about Department19. Looking fwd to reading it! #
  • New Writing Journal post on the blog #
  • RT “@PewterWolf13: awww. @TomClempson is a nice guy. please #FF him.”<<< it’s true. I am. Now do as he says or the kitten gets it! #
  • “@shabbygeek: @tomclempson Today your fabulous cover is featured on ze blog —” <<< My book has cover love! #
  • MC: Daddy, wake up now.
    TC: Naah.
    MC: Mummy, Daddy tolds me ‘naah’! Mummy, you wake up, Daddy stay in bed. (My daughter is ace!) #sleepin #
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