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Last Week’s Tweets

  • New blog post, plus a round up of last weeks tweets over at the blog #
  • Sat: mr sunshine comes 2 play. Woohoo!
    Sun: mr sunshine comes 2 play. Woohoo!
    Mon: go to theme park. Mr piss-it-down comes 2 play. Boohoo! #
  • Getting excited about ideas for new books! Now, if only I had the time to write them! #
  • Matilda this morning: Don’t need to take this T-shirt off. It’s nice and dirty. I like dirt! (Which is handy if you live in our house). #
  • Only allowing myself 1 coffee a day. REALLY need 1 now, but what if I need it this afternoon?! (had 2yo asking for Snowman story at 4am!) #
  • Coffee has failed me! The room is spinning I’m so tired! #
  • I have finally buckled. Am about to have my 2nd coffee of the day (I need to get work done! Should have done 12 pages by now. Only done 6)! #
  • Have coffee #2 Feeling motivated. Ready to write. Fast! And… Laptop has crashed and won’t restart!!! #
  • Tom’s laptop “unable to fix this problem. Please contact product manufacturer”!!! NOOOO!!! #
  • I’m all caffeined up with nowhere to write. #
  • The highlight of my day – @christiacodi7 is my 100th follower! And she’s not even spam (I think)! Thank you followers! #
  • Don’t worry everyone! Panic is over! Laptop has fixed itself! You can all relax now, cos I know you were on the edge of your seats. Phew! #
  • Possibly the cutest review you will ever see ! For my @cupcakes4clara ‘s book. #
  • Aha! No 42 schoolgirls in coffee shop at 8.45 in the morning! Totally empty. Now let’s see how I do on only 3hrs sleep! #
  • Right, no more twitting around from me until I’ve made some headway towards catching up on the work I didn’t get done yesterday. #
  • I now live in the house of chicken pox! #
  • Laura (calling from other room): Matilda, come here please!
    Matilda: Not yet! Just shaking my sillies out! #
  • #ff Goodtweeters @FictionThirst @LizUK @Keris @asamum @PewterWolf13 @Jo_Stapley @cupcakes4clara @GdnChildrensBks @jreadsalot @serendipidy101 #
  • Thanks for the #FF ! @serendipidy101 @GdnChildrensBks @cupcakes4clara @Jo_Stapley @asamum @midnightreads @GoldenAgeofGeek #
  • What an amazing sunny day! Shame all my daughter wants to do is make snowmen. #
  • Rare treat – getting to write on a Monday morning, while @cupcakes4clara looks after the chicken pox children. My wife is amazing! #
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