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Is It Just Me…?

When I’m writing stuff I always feel it’s best to get the right balance of ‘Ooh‘s and ‘Me too‘s. ‘Ooh’ s are the parts where the reader feels that they are learning new things about certain types of people (eg. in One Seriously Messed-Up Week a girl might read it and go ‘are some guys really that hung-up about going for a wee?’). Me too’s are kind of self explanatory, in that they are the bits that you read about a character and you respond with a ‘Me too!’ (eg. in One Seriously Messed-Up Week, a guy might read the bits about Jack going for a wee and go ‘me too!’).

The trick in including these oohs and me too!s though, is to know that these are actually universal issues and not just quirks that are unique only to myself. This is where I ask for your help…

Every now and then I will write one of these ‘Is It Just Me…?’ posts, where I will pose an observation, and I would really appreciate any feedback you’d be willing to share (do you experience the same thing? Is this completely alien to you? Am I a complete freak?). Not only would you be helping me with my research, but you might even end up inspiring a charcter in a future book (assuming they let me write any more after this one).

But be warned. Some of these subjects may require you to expose your inner arsehole (I’m talking about character flaws here. Seriously, I don’t want to receive any personal photos!).

Is It Just Me…

Or does anyone else find they get uncharacteristically angry when in a rush?

I know that people definitely get angry when in a rush and getting slowed down by others (you only have to take one look at your nearest main road at rush hour to witness the rage), but is this uncharacteristic anger, or are these people fairly angry anyway? I consider myself to be an extrememly laid back kind of guy. I don’t let many things get me down or get under my skin, I keep my cool in a crisis, I am nearly always the peacekeeper in any dispute, and I’m generally a calm and pleasant individual. Unless I’m in a rush…

If you met me when I was in a serious mad rush, you would meet my Mr Hyde, my Incredible Hulk, my wife when she’s pregnant (scarier than the other two put together!). That oh so common pair of plodding old fat ladies that take up the entire pavement with their pull-along-trolleys and overloaded shopping bags don’t know how close they are to being shoved into the road. That guy that steps off the escalator, then pauses at the top to decide where to go next, causing everyone to pile-up behind him, is that close to going back down again. The fast way. And the cashier at the checkout who won’t stop chatting to the customer in front is SO close to having me tut loudly then move my shopping to another till! (This is actually as aggresive as I’m ever likely to get, but believe me, inside I am rehearsing the most cutting of insults!).

So… is it just me?

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