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The Journal: 1

2006. After nearly a year of unemployment and making ends meet by selling a couple of paintings and working 1 day a week as an extra on Hollyoaks (stop laughing, we were desperate!) my plans to spend 6 months travelling Australia seemed to be growing increasingly unrealistic. Then, a strange little Swiss film called Max & Co. came along and saved the day – EMPLOYMENT!

My wife and I (who was then my girlfriend) went back to work, alongside a great bunch of people at a company called Mackinnon & Sunders, where we helped make the puppets for the animated film. And Five months later we were in Oz.

If I couldn’t scribble down at least half a decent idea for a book during a 6 month holiday in Australia then there was really very little hope for me. I managed to scribble down a full idea for a book. In fact I wrote the whole thing! Then, when we got back home, I wrote it all again. Awesome! Except for one minor detail… yes, I had managed to write my first full length manuscript, twice. But unfortunately it was mildly poo.

Knowing there is very little room in the market for an unknown not-very-good writer of mild poo, I devised a clever and cunning plan…

To be continued.

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