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The Journal 0.0

If anyone reading this is at all interested in writing, and if any of those people are at all similar to me, then, like me, they probably want to know strange pieces of information like:

  • How did you get an agent?
  • How many pages do you write a day?
  • Do you write on a laptop or do you scribble illegible nonsense in a cheap notebook?
  • Do you have a routine? What are your writing habits? Do you tie string around your big toes and paint hippos on your knees? Does this really help?

Of course, none of this matters at all. But still, people like me are drawn towards these pointless yet fascinating insights into what goes on behind the curtains of other people’s work.

So, rather than reel off a long list of questions and answers, I thought I may as well give maximum detail and, now and then, write a backdated journal of how, when and why I wrote my first book. Writing a story about writing a story doesn’t sound all that appealing, but hopefully this alternating blog will be entertaining, insightful and inspiring (in an ‘if HE can do it then I definitely can’  kind of way).

Like most great stories it is usually best to start at the beginning. Unfortunately this is nothing like a great story, so I’m going to have to start just before the beginning…

But not today.

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