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The Genuine Secret to Success?

Just because you write a book and get it published does not automatically make you a great writer. It makes you a published writer. There are doubtless many unpublished writers who are great, just as there are many published writers who are not.

At this early stage in my writing career it would be arrogant, presumptious and probably delusional of me to even consider myself to be even a teensy bit great. But I would definitely like to get there, some day. And this is where I begin - with the famous and historical ‘List’.


That’s right.

I am actually going to attempt it…

Just like Mozart, Dickens and Shakespeare did before me…

I shall compile the list. THE list…

I know it’s insane, but here it is…

My top 5 most fanciable cartoon characters!

5. Velma from Scooby Doo


  4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast


3. Andy’s Mom in Toy Story 



2. Elastigirl/Mrs Incredible



I couldn’t decide.

Any suggestions?

(also, for the girls, your top 5 cartoon guys? Is Fred Flintstone in there?)

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