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Other Things Are Ruining my Life!

As my follow-up to a previous post - ‘Nintendo Are Ruining my Life’ I had intended to reveal my awesome cure for all things Distractive, (which I will do anyway), but have found that this cure has been snatched away from me! Twice!

Allow me to explain…

As I have already said, I pretty much get distracted by anything and everything around the house – games, food, coffee, internet, TV… so my cure is kind of obvious – get out of the house! It is the only way I can work. If I’m not surrounded by stuff that can distract me then I can’t be distracted by it. This doesn’t necessarily stop my brain from telling me that I’m tired and hungry the second I begin work, but I can kill multiple birds with one stone – do my work in a coffee shop! These places are surely designed for writers/easily distracted workers. There’s no TV, I write on paper, so that means no internet, and there’s as much food and coffee as you can wave your unwisely overused credit card at! Coffee shops have been the answer to all of my problems for years. But that all came to a horrible end just a few weeks ago.

The first major blow was a wolf in sheeps clothing (not literally, that would  be weird). It was something that I really needed. Something that I could use to keep up to date with my emails, my blog and twitter. Something so that I always had music to hand incase some obnoxious loudmouth decides to sit next to me and put me off. Something so that, when I get a phone call, I can actually answer my phone and not accidentally hang up in my pocket! Yes. I waved my unwisely overused credit card again and this time an iPhone 4 appeared! The answer to all my prayers. And the inihilator of all my cures! What have I done?!

Now, wherever I go, I have TV, internet, games and strangely addictive twitter conversations about sparkly pants!

The second blow came when I went to the Dr. to confess that I have been having heart palpatations for the past 14 years and they are now getting bigger and more frequent. The Dr gave me some very good news, but some very bad news too…

Good news: I am not dying.


Yes, you read that right (unless you read it as ‘I have to rub old men’s genitals in my face four times a day’, then you read it completely wrong), I HAVE TO QUIT CAFFEINE! INCLUDING CHOCOLATE!

How has it come to this? One month ago I was splashing around in my 100% distraction free coffe shop utopia, now I’m wading through a chocolate free, caffeine free, tv, game and internet laden cess pool of sleepy distraction-poo!

Healthy living and an iPhone 4. Who would have thought they could be so damning?

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