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Last Week’s Tweets

  • A round up of all my wise, profound and prolific tweets from last week are now on exhibition at #
  • Oops! I make bad link. THIS is where to find the meaning of life… #
  • I really don’t want to be watching Cabaret, but I’m too lazy to walk to the remote. It’s freaking me out! #
  • Sorry for my absence today! (Blame the trampoline) #
  • You know that guy you see trying to stop his daughter from running all over the supermarket? That’s me. It’s always me! #
  • New post went up last night at #
  • Saw my 1st ever review for OSMUW Jack Samsonite yesterday. It’s a bit **sweary!** and… well, take a look #
  • The ‘bad cold’ faerie visited overnight and stripped the skin from my throat! Which was nice. #
  • My voice now sounds like a cross between a Harley davison and a congested cabbage (if cabbages could get congested… or talk). #
  • Damien Rice on full blast still isn’t enough to block out loud obnoxious opinionated old man! Must – go – heavier! #
  • I’m outside! Writing! In my garden! And it’s sunny! #
  • I have come in from the garden because I was getting too hot! How British am I?! #
  • Off for a late lunch with @darrenturpin If you don’t already read his blog you really really should! #
  • #FF @hannahmcmoon @hannahfeelip @LizUK @sisterspooky @imaaronvincent @Fereto36 just a few I’ve been following this week (will do more later) #
  • On my way back from lunch with @darrenturpin Not only is he an Internet wizard he also knows an unnatural amount about beer and gardening! #
  • Woohoo! I am a goodreads virgin no more! Thank you @midnightreads ! #
  • Whoah! 1 interview coming up! Thanks!!! RT“@FictionThirst: Review of @tomclempson DONE. It’s short but sweet :D I now want an interview. :P” #
  • Dear @CrookedCarla if you do do a little bit of wee wee in your pants I will compensate you with 1 pair of my own non-wee weed pants. Deal? #
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