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Last Week’s Tweets

  • A round up of my tweets gets sent to my blog every Monday. Will attempt to write genuine human words this week! #
  • ooh, my wife’s cute little creations #
  • Latitude Festival line-up announced! Check out all the splendid authors appearing in The Literary Arena (nudge nudge) #
  • Tuesdays = no nursery = no writing = lots of running and playing with 2yr old = nackered Tom (or that could be the 2am bedtime last night) #
  • My 500g refill pack of Horlicks has too much powder for my 500g tub! (stay tuned for more unmissable updates from my rock’n’roll life) #
  • Have taken MC to nursery, mini-TC to Dr.s, new post is on my blog – – and now I must go write! (must resist phonetweets) #
  • Am listening to Green Day’s American Idiot album for the first time in 7 years. That makes me feel old (I’m not though!) #
  • “I’m going to get your book out from a library! I’ve never been to one before. How much is it to hire a book?” #
  • Have reached page 300 of new book! *claps hands like giddy little girl & gets funny looks from fellow coffee-heads* Time for lunch methinks. #
  • Now leaving one coffee shop and heading straight to another. #
  • I’m being a good hard working boy today. Will try to keep my tweets to a minimum. #
  • Baby puked on me at lunchtime. By the time we got home I was dry so I FORGOT TO CHANGE BEFORE WENT OUT AGAIN FOR THE AFTERNOON! (I smell) #
  • Thursday 17th. 9pm Starbucks email me a voucher for a free coffee! Woohoo! Redeemable on Thursday 17th only. Idiots. #
  • Try Something New #1 Today I incorporated hopping, skipping & jumping into my 1 mile jog. Highly recommended. Stupid. But recommended. #
  • A gang of noisy young schoolgirls were on the verge of ruining my coffee shop writing until… they left to go play hide and seek. Awww! #
  • I was just boasting to my wife ‘Ive got 51 followers now!’ 5 mins later she runs in saying ‘Hah! Well I’m being followed by @Schofe !’ pooit #
  • RT“@hannahfeelip: Obssesing over @tomclempson and @veronicaroth atm!” (Everyone should follow @hannahfeelip She’s new and says nice things!) #
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