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Welcome to the Beginning

Here are my goals for this blog:

  1. Write a blog
  2. Read other blogs (including my wife’s one)
  3. Talk about anything that strikes me (and hopefully you too) as interesting
  4. Try to include a variety of content, like:

Stuff for other writers – My writing process, a diary of my experiences during the publication of my upcoming debut novel, helpful tips, useful links, and stuff like that.

Stuff for book fans – Discussing my favourite characters from the book, discussing my favourite books; discussing other peoples favourite books, the inspirations behind the story, some sneak peeks at the sequel…

Stuff for regular people – Films, books, music, the funniest things my daughter has said lately (there is a never ending supply of this stuff), life, loves, hates, the best blogs I have found, the worst (no, that’s just cruel), and generally anything that I can pass off as fun.

If any of this seems even remotely interesting to you in the slightest then please stop by again. If it doesn’t… come back anyway.

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