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Nintendo are ruining my life.

There have always been things that have distracted me from my work. At school it was always sunshine and girls (not necessarily both at the same time). If either of those came out to play then I was sure to follow (even if it did mean getting burned). Since then I have compiled quite a catalogue of distractions, most notably…

  1. Daytime TV (Countdown tried to ruin my life)
  2. The internet (yes, I am talking about the ‘F’ word. Stupid, addictive facebook)
  3. Food and caffeine (I sit myself down. Nice big chunk of work awaits. And before you know it I’m either starving or falling asleep!)
  4. And now, the latest entrant into my long list of excuses to not work… The Nintendo Wii.

Yes. It is time for me to face the truth. I have become one of them. Although I’ve always enjoyed playing video games (do they even call them that any more?) I have somehow managed to go my entire life without actually getting into them.

Until now…

For me, computer games were always something that I played at other peoples houses. Very, very badly. Watching them take it too seriously and getting over excited every time they whupped me over and over and over again was all part of the fun. And then it happened…

It was Christmas time. The year was 2009. Distraction No.3 was ruining my body and, somehow, with money we did not have, we did the unthinkable…

We purchased a Nintendo Wii with Wii Fit Plus!

It all started out so innocently. Nobody thought anyone would actually get hurt! It was just the same old story – we played it avidly for about 2 months and then barely ever used it again.

Then Christmas 2010 happened.

Goldeneye 007 happened.

My little brother-in-law told me it was safe. That there was no harm in it.

I was so naïve.

My life has not been the same since.

My name is Tom.

And I am a distraction-aholic.

My only solace is in knowing that everyone suffers from this affliction, (don’t they?). 

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